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Barleymont Group of Day Nurseries, Preschool, Afterschool and Holiday Club

Parent as Partners

We work in partnership with our parents/carers based on establishing trusting and respectful relationships with a two-way flow of communication to meet the child’s needs and achieve the best possible outcomes for all.
In the EYFS, working in partnership with parents is a key principle of effective practice.

We welcome and value all our parents and children.

We recognise the important role of parents and the expertise that parents and carers bring and, together, we can enhance the child’s learning.

We have clear systems in place for ongoing dialogue based on a two-way flow of communication

We conduct informal / formal conversations at the beginning / end of the day and during the settling-in period.

We use to and fro parent/carer communication books to share everyday activities and care routines.
We use text messages, e-mail and our online portal for parent communication.

To make sure information is accessible to parents, e.g. parents with EAL.
We provide information (and information about the EYFS curriculum) through our prospectus, Parents information evening and our notice board.

We welcome parents to volunteer in the setting such as helping out in the snack area, on our annual outing, come and read a story to the children, or any other way they would like to be parent helpers.

Parents automatically become part of the Barleymont parent community and can join the committee to organise events to support the nursery.
We actively seek parental views, for example through questionnaires. If a parent raises a concern or complaint, the complaint procedure is followed