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Barleymont Group of Day Nurseries, Preschool, Afterschool and Holiday Club

Parent Committe

Barleymont Parent Committee at Barley Lane Montessori Day Nursery was established in 2009 by a group of nursery parents and the nursery manager.
The Parent Committee meet one Saturday twice a year usually at the end of the parent teacher meeting with the aim of finding ways to enhance their children’s nursery experience. Areas they consider include fund raising ideas, supporting nursery events, helping to promote the nursery to new parents as well as providing parents with a direct link for feedback to the nursery Management

All our Parents automatically become part of the Barleymont parent community and can join the committee and support the nursery.

Our current Parent Committee head’s testimonial

Parent Commitee

I have worked close with the Nursery management for approximately seven years. The Nursery Management has successfully ensured that the nursery plus the other two childcare settings have reached a level of excellence. Barley Lane Montessori Nursery has a received an Outstanding grade from OFSTED, with the main focus on parent partnership, this is a very important factor within Nursery management framework of providing a good facility in such a diverse community. All staff are continuously trained which gives all parents and carers the confidence to leave their children in capable care.

I have two children that are presently at both settings. I work full time and the hours are convenient as it allows me to work without the worry of the children. Barley Lane always has a waiting lists of children wanting attend the settings due to the high standard of childcare provided and in my own mind has a become a pillar of the community. Having the nursery and the after school club enables a smooth transitional process as the staff and children remain stable. Parents and carers have the opportunity to give feedback either to the Nursery Management or to myself, therefore leaving all avenues of communication available to build and enhance parent partnership and suggestions. 

I would recommend that the Nursery management continue with building the effective childcare systems within the area as it has built a positive influence and effect amongst the community. I work within the childcare industry and therefore have a huge knowledge on the expectations needed and having my two precious children being nurtured under the Nursery management guidance, I have the upmost respect and confidence for creating settings that have allowed me to do my job fulltime, with the added value of having peace of mind that my children are being well cared for at all times. 

Mrs. Natasha Udhin
(Parent Committee Head for Barley Mont Group, Children's Services Manager Basildon Women's Aid)