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Barleymont Group of Day Nurseries, Preschool, Afterschool and Holiday Club

Parental Webcams – iwatch system    

All our settings have iwatch systems installed.
iwatch system is the parental webcam system, which means parents can login into the system and can watch their children in their classrooms.
We have outdoor cameras fitted in all our outside play areas as well, and parents have access to our outdoor cameras too.

FAQ’S for iwatch system

How secure is your system?
We make security our number one priority. Passwords, personal details and camera images are all encrypted, both in transit across the Internet and during storage. We use industry standard SSL technology employed by most online financial institutions, coupled with bespoke activity monitoring and tracking tools.

Is camera footage recorded by anyone?
All camera footage is stored on the nursery’s camera server for approximately one month. Recorded video can optionally be viewed by parents as easily as live footage, but the nursery has control over which parents can view recorded footage. Allowing parents to view recorded footage can be a very useful feature, especially if the parent doesn't have access to the Internet during the working day. Iwatch is the only company in the UK that provides this feature!

Does your system provide CCTV?
Our system doubles up as a comprehensive CCTV system. We can also install outdoor cameras to cover areas that may benefit from additional security, such as car parks or play areas.

Can I control who can see each camera?
Yes. Our system allows the nursery manager to define who can see which camera, on a particular day and at a particular time. This means that parents are allowed to access cameras ONLY on the days their child attends the nursery.

How good is the picture quality?
Picture quality will always be good enough to identify your child. You may not necessarily be able to see facial expressions, but hair and clothing colours will be easily identifiable.

Can I share my password with family members?
Password sharing is strictly forbidden. Any security policy can be severely impacted by users disclosing their login details to others. Our system does however allow other family members to create their own accounts, under the supervision of the account holder. This is an optional feature.

How do I open an account?
Your nursery manager will give you the unique 10-digit iWatch Nursery Code. Once you have obtained the code, visit your nursery's iWatch login page and follow the on-screen instructions for opening an account. You will have to wait until the nursery manager has verified your account application before granting you access to use the system.

Do I need any additional software or equipment to use the system?
Your browser will prompt you to download the software from our servers when necessary and will manage the installation process for you. No special equipment is necessary.

Which devices and browsers can I use with your system?
Our system has been fully tested on PCs running Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP using all the popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc). It runs on Apple Macs running OS X Mavericks and mobile devices running iOS 7, both using Safari. It also runs on Android devices running version 4.4.2 with Chrome & Firefox.

How can I get help with your system?
Any support issues can be emailed to iwatch team directly (see Contact page). Who will endeavour to respond to your queries within 24 hours? If you have forgotten your password, you can visit the iWatch login page and click on the 'Forgotten Your Password' link.

Benefits for the Parent/Carer

Experience Peace of Mind
Peace of mind is arguably the single most important expression of satisfaction that a nursery can hope to instil in the parent of a child. With an iWatch system in place, peace of mind will be established in no time at all.

Get Involved in Child Development
With your child in the care of others for long periods of time and nursery staff as busy as they are, it can often be difficult to establish exactly what your child did during their day. Young children can be especially challenging when trying to extract snippets of information, in an attempt to build up an accurate picture of the days events.
With an iWatch system installed, you can 'pop in' whenever you want, to see what your child is up to, and with video recorded for approximately one month, you can just as effortlessly look back on the days events later in the day or week, when you get a spare moment. With a better understanding of what your child is up to, you will find it easier to become involved in their development.

Stay Connected
If a parent happens to be out of the country, they can still feel a sense of connection with their child while they are watching what they are doing in real time from the other side of the world!

Testimonials from our parents/carers who have used the system over the period of time

"I think it's a very helpful tool. I certainly feel a lot more relaxed knowing my that wherever I am, knowledge of my child's welfare is only a click away."
Billy Giwa (Chadwell Heath) - 08/03/2014

"It is absolutely brilliant! It gives me peace of mind
so I can focus on my work without worrying about my baby."
Nichole McIntosh (Essex) - 11/12/2013

"This service allows parents to have peace of mind....i think its brilliant!"
Andrea Valton-Pascoal (East Ham) - 30/08/2012

"Excellent service, definitely lives up to its motto of 'peace of mind'
- don't know what i would do without it! great work, keep it up."
Sheena Vithlani (London) - 19/10/2011

"Really great service, a great way to provide peace of mind to an anxious parent like myself! Very clear pictures and even enables you to watch past footage!"
Anisha Patel (Goodmayes) - 11/08/2011

"Very helpful for a first time parent leaving their child at nursery
for the first time. reassuring"
Surjit Verdi (Ilford) - 16/11/2010

"It is excellent! It is very reassuring to see your child doing ok at the nursery
- and it also enables the nursery to be as transparent 
as possible about their operations"
Rajiv Ahlawat (Essex) - 17/08/2010

"I really like this service. This way I can watch my son whenever I want
and be relaxed that he is all ok and properly looked after."
Archita Misra (Essex) - 14/07/2010

"I am very happy with your services. I can see my children whenever I wish."
Romila Sadasivan (Essex) - 01/05/2010

"I have found this service really useful and a peace of mind."
Sayma Chowdhury (Romford) - 25/08/2009